Dieses bescheuerte Herz, 2017 | That stupid heart | Это чёртово сердце

Дата: 26.10.2018 17:09:21 Просмотров: 130274 Длительность: 04:35

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Dieses bescheuerte Herz, 2017 | That stupid heart | Это чёртово сердце

Very cool movie, I hope you will watch it)

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Katy login
05.12.2018 10:50:05
Ты в фильме тайна дома с чесами был очень храбрый ты молодец
Kaileigh Hartnett
27.10.2018 11:10:16
Thanks ???? I live all the way in Australia ????????Edit: Thanks for loving my comment Owen, I’ve watched a house with a ???? in its walls and daddy’s home 1 and 2 ????Edit 2: My brother is the one that commented “you loved my sisters comments”!
Jasmine Belle
27.10.2018 06:31:33
Thank you! You didn’t have to really????????????????
Katy login
05.12.2018 10:48:02
Обажаю тебя
Aaron Abarca
26.10.2018 17:14:28
I like it
Jasmine Belle
27.10.2018 03:21:56
I don’t understand XDDDD
Victoria D
01.11.2018 11:26:34
You r amazing Owen I can see you’ll be famous your on one of my favourite films the house with a clock and daddy’s home
Andrew Joseph Hasty
23.11.2018 09:04:37
I am watching it now buddy
Amelie M
26.10.2018 18:15:23
I'll definitely watch it
Callum Hartnett
06.11.2018 10:45:34
You loved my sisters comment on here???? I’m also a massive fan and I loved your new movie the house with a clock in its walls. Thanks!
The Mover
04.11.2018 20:32:25
I watched this movie. Sad, funny, emotional ... all in one!
Rebecca Kestler
30.03.2019 09:57:10
Think i'll watch it? Looks sad... I'll cry.
Jasmine Belle
27.10.2018 05:12:37
Thank you Owen ????????????
heaven joselyn
27.10.2018 19:20:28
Your the best Youtuber ever I love daddy's home I watch it every day I like daddy's home and daddy's home 2 the same there awsome if I dont watch it I will get a heart attack lol plz notice me I'm a big fan
Rhay Donnel
27.10.2018 04:29:18
Te Station
26.10.2018 17:15:27
Fc from thailand
Not a Hat3r
26.10.2018 17:45:26
I trust u Owen! im gonna watch this movie no matter what!