СЛОТ -Доска- юрмала "рок волна" 2008

Дата: 30.07.2008 02:40:22 Просмотров: 660203 Длительность: 03:57

Категории: Мелодия
СЛОТ -Доска- юрмала "рок волна" 2008

New Wave 2008 "Rock Night"

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Brian Phillips
28.09.2009 16:49:49
thanks ! she seems quite charming in the video where they are sitting around the table talking about killing Kenney.
05.12.2009 03:03:39
I am no russian but i dont think u are wasting time... U see, if we as one kind of beeings* wont to make any progress we need to unite. And only way for something like that is that one world power dominate the others.. So u are making a nice progress... Tho.. that is the reason why all even me hate u Americans..
Greg Scott
15.09.2008 09:05:55
I agree with George Nookie Rocks
Сеня Зоечкин
10.03.2013 10:22:04
мне стыдно за то что я любил их...
Катя Лищина
06.12.2009 13:20:26
Hi, i'm Russian, and i wanna quote for your words of Gennady Zaitsev (Russian veteran of the war in Afghanistan) about increasing of American troops in Afghanistan: "More soldiers - it's just more deaths" This war is pointless, but America never listens to anybody...
07.10.2009 17:42:14
Отличная группа есть свой стиль!
Michal Messika
02.01.2009 21:25:45
I LOVE slot! even if i'm not from Russia
18.08.2010 07:00:18
Imrah Zakhaev ficaria orgulhoso!
20.10.2013 08:34:29
А я и смотрю как не клип в коментах неруси!
Cliff Kanuck
13.05.2010 06:36:38
@meoneandonly Yah your right, at 57 i get a little tessty.
Lola Carpio
06.09.2008 06:22:02
i wish they would come to canada or south americfa although that seems like nearly impossible!!
03.08.2009 16:43:25
It's good to see a rock band with real talent, live and recorded, instead of the crap churned out by record labels.
12.05.2010 20:33:10
Why fuck usa? This style of rock was FOUNDED in the USA. Kittie and Korn's been doing it a hell of a long time before Slot. Although I must slot has a unique style that is cool.
Неаvеn Еmреrоr
25.03.2019 04:50:22
Под ногами гами доска
06.12.2009 22:53:32
I've tried to explain this to so many people. And I tell people "just ask any Russian that was alive in the 80's about Afganistan and the ghastly costs attached to that war. Now us Americans are going down the same path. Hell, we made a movie about the Russian - Afgan war in 1988. It was called "The Beast".
I know this is a weird vid to start this conversation but i was debating this with my friend and I happened to be watching this vid so i just threw the question out there.
Brian Phillips
29.08.2009 12:16:55
... so is this girl in this one the same girl in dead star and the vedio where she has the laptop? or who is who,I'm in love with her and the other one on the song Odni ...
03.08.2010 00:14:32
Flyleaf SUCKS ASS compared to slot!
Sergio Espinosa
02.07.2009 01:15:34
no te creas yo tengo 1 año y medio con toda la flota de aca en chiapas saludos compa!!
Serg Moisey
10.04.2011 06:17:43
i'm flying, like angel, to the sun....
20.09.2009 17:20:17
this is nookie, the one in dead star and 2 wars, she's the more recent singer
18.12.2009 00:15:22
@kpopfreak5 i agree...we really need to bring them home....its all very pointless now!
06.12.2010 21:37:38
ich Liebe SLOT Grüße aus Deutschland!
23.04.2014 02:41:48
Its like Russian Evanescance with dreads and rapping.  I love it!
kamil p
28.02.2011 18:45:00
0:54 - 0:56 who's that girl??? I'm in love... :)
Inti Equis
10.06.2009 19:02:02
No estás solo compa.
05.08.2008 03:14:49
nookie is amazing... i'm always blown away in everything i see her in. I wish they would tour the states!
Alexandra Pegu
28.07.2010 13:36:29
парень ни хуя петь вживую не умеет.а Нуки неотразима
zeke jethro
04.10.2009 12:06:47
She don't look scary to me...

lol *droolz*
04.02.2011 06:17:11
God I love them.
13.08.2009 18:14:39
love it, they should come to the UK! \m/ ^_^ \m/
Elio Canute
08.05.2009 19:02:14
A America do sul escuta SLOT!!!!
Катя Лищина
15.07.2010 18:44:29
@arkitierno stop cavilling at my words, you know perfectly well that when europeans say "america", they mean the USA...