Alla Kushnir - Performance from the Final (Ukraine's got Talent/Україна має талант)

Дата: 21.06.2009 13:45:18 Просмотров: 1021653 Длительность: 03:15

Категории: Отдых
Alla Kushnir - Performance from the Final (Ukraine's got Talent/Україна має талант)

Алла Кушнир stb (19.06.09)

!!! original audio stream was swapped !!!

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Gandhi Haryono
15.05.2010 16:45:58
if the competitor with kusnir alla Indonesia Inul daritista
21.05.2013 11:25:58
Yes, she was one of the contestants, if I remember well.
Angela Davis
29.10.2016 19:08:06
рэпчик совсем не в тему
15.01.2010 01:47:31
More than life
24.01.2011 19:22:21
beautiful dancing, where can i find the original video???
10.05.2010 05:23:03
que es esto?
15.03.2011 05:01:38
there is wrong music
with right one search this "Алла Кушнир - ГАЛА-концерт"
10.08.2013 00:49:58
absolute shite music to the dance!
Julia Boreckaya
11.11.2010 03:03:46
да,плохо что без оригинальной музыки!!
Linda Sturm
13.06.2018 07:16:03
Don't judge her by this show.This was the early years of Alla Kushnir competing on a talent show, this is not her regular belly dancing. This was the finale, where you have to bring something different than in the past weeks of competition.We all know a little sex sells. Fast forward 2018, Alla Kushnir is one of the best and the most famous belly dancer's in the world, period.
Narendra Dumbre
29.10.2015 12:25:31 dear
08.05.2012 09:09:18
i saw all this women that you sad. no one of them not made a real belly shaking as Alla. they have beautiful smile.its true but i not saw real complicated belly dancing. Alla made this better. in my opinion.
17.08.2009 14:53:15
Vika Kolcheva
02.01.2012 17:28:31
This lady is very nice: beautufull face, body, but she's not reall proffesional bellydance....she's just shaking but nothing ilastic, no talant........even can not chose right music... If to speak about real ukranian dancers...Daria Mickevich is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.06.2013 23:17:00
that is another music,right?
Khanyilanga Ndlovu
24.06.2013 20:16:42
yo también
26.04.2016 09:42:56
Why the shitty music change it to the originak
Наталія Лисенко
20.01.2019 13:49:03
Музика фу.
30.06.2012 05:29:52
Natalie Spring
17.04.2018 19:00:38
Это совсем другая озвучка!!!
Андрей Бондура
30.09.2016 12:50:54
Дизлайк за озвучку.Зачем было трогать оригинал?
Belly Dance
20.06.2012 18:31:36
arabski tanec ili striptiz? mne ne nravitsiaa : (((
11.05.2012 09:28:29
me enanta
Елена Гео
14.05.2016 14:28:34
не лучший ее номер, но эффектный
Gabi Vital
06.08.2013 18:01:25
Oi! Tenho certeza que este audio não é original, por isso vc achou que não tem nada a ver... tbm concordo ela é linda demais e a melhor!
Marcos Elias
01.04.2012 06:45:46
The original video is here
Teresa Marandi
29.03.2016 21:20:50
Alla is an amazing belly dancer. Stop criticising/ judging her cuz of this video. Maybe shez not showcasing much of her belly dancing moves in this video, but that doesn't make her a bad belly dancer. Alla,you are awesome!!
Co Chin808HAWAII
26.09.2018 07:01:53
Love love love this woman!
Rosy Ribeiro
25.06.2013 05:01:46
Nada á ver a musica com a performance!Admiro muito a Alla Kushnir além de linda e umas das melhores dançarinas da dança do ventre!
26.11.2010 22:42:52
Все понравилось
15.05.2016 19:12:44
У меня встал...
14.01.2010 12:01:18
does someone know what's the name of the song?
08.05.2012 09:18:52
if you want to see this video with original audio stream - find in Youtube
Алла Кушнир - ГАЛА-концерт
and you ll see this video with the real music. enjoy! ))
30.09.2009 05:32:52
Won't say she has no talent, but her performance isnt exceptional. Hot girl with steaming half naked body boosts ratings.. haha as always
05.02.2010 07:28:52
this is a disgrace to bellydancing
Полина лайм Rrr
26.12.2018 20:36:44
Я Полина кушнир
Grigoris Karelis
09.02.2010 15:02:30
@degeneratehalo It is also a discrase to her true talend. I hope she doesn't end to "dance" in "other" places. Because here is Ukrania! You get what I mean!
mad d
25.12.2019 13:00:22
She leaves it all on stage
Marcos Elias
01.04.2012 20:18:51
you're welcome
Santalyk 1979
26.10.2010 01:11:03
Full version talant_stb_ua/video/2009/6/23/13350/
TheMonamoon Moon
27.12.2010 22:50:50
La cancion original esta mejor ...
Cassandra Fox
15.12.2009 23:28:14
She is in fact a lovely belly dancer, well trained and a great performer when you watch her other videos. I`m guessing this performance was the TV shows idea and not hers. She seems very stiff and like they were trying to fuse it with African and it just didn`t work which is unfortunate as I think she is in fact a talented dancer.
23.06.2012 13:57:57
Am i Wrong or she's the one that participate in a LEBANESE belly dance show call "hezzi ya nawaem"?
Malika Diza
22.09.2019 14:10:46
Did she hurt herself or something cause she doesn’t dance like this anymore
Gandhi Haryono
15.05.2010 16:43:56
if the competitor with kusnir alla Indonesia Inul daratista
Johann Linzinmeir
22.08.2009 22:22:33
Ridicules to run this without the music, it looses all of the meaning ... it was broadcast on public television, where are your balls?
24.03.2010 01:48:28
@Peristerygr Ukraine is NOT a third-world country. and this girl is capable to make money from doing what she likes - dancing. she is talented, she is hot, she is not a beggar or something. I assure you - Ukraine is not a Zimbabwe or some sort, it's civilized European country. you have a wrong oppinion about it.
Катя Гарипова
29.02.2020 12:51:10
Отвратительная музыка ! Совсем не подходит ????‍♀️
11.06.2013 23:17:30
YES,of cours!!
Bruna Şamverdi
25.05.2018 06:39:57
WTF is that music
03.07.2011 19:35:40
you can also find the right video using following title:
Україна має талант, Алла Кушнір, фінал
Елена Гео
14.05.2016 14:28:47
не лучший ее номер, но эффектный
Yong C Yi
20.06.2020 05:11:36
예쁘다, 매력적이다, 잘한다.
idasha idash
19.03.2011 02:02:18
24.08.2009 09:42:01
This is so lame without the audio. This is why youtube sucks hard
Léia Matos
05.12.2015 15:12:35
Tanya Fit
22.07.2020 18:48:43
А что за трешь с музыкой? Полный отстой. Простмте. И видео изза этого не дает полного кайфа изза этого.
Linda Coleman
05.07.2010 21:11:32
This isn't belly dance - more African dance; too vulgar for belly dance.
salma yaseen
23.04.2012 21:52:01
OMGGGG !!!! i feel like its a strip club - sorry to say that !!
this is not belyy dancing !!!
coz belly dancing is not Indecent !!!
Lesia Chernyuk
07.12.2018 19:10:58
Stay Beautiful ابقي جميله
21.10.2013 00:08:29
مجنونه وقالو لها ارقصي هههههه
21.02.2010 05:10:12
humm, and after that, people say that my bellydance costume is too suggestive. the dance could be nice, with the matching music but, i really dont like the costume. doesnt leave much to the imagination.
Shedz Channel
29.01.2010 10:08:05
where is the real music?
that shit music didnt match the dance in any way at all.
the real music she was dancing to would have made it look a whole lot better
(instead of making it just look like some tart, randomly shaking her arse about)
Narendra Dumbre
29.10.2015 12:23:23
so supar ..all Kushinr dear like u r