Україна має талант-3, Алла Кушнир, Гостья 2 эфира

Дата: 24.04.2011 19:09:39 Просмотров: 615436 Длительность: 04:07

Категории: Отдых
Україна має талант-3, Алла Кушнир, Гостья 2 эфира

Україна має талант-3, Алла Кушнир, Гостья 2 эфира

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16.04.2013 16:34:59
Well, I think it is natural for him to be like that, as a man!And belly dancing as a dance really requires muscular strength and stamina.Alla is very trained too.I remember the first time I watched that Taht ElShibbak performance of hers and I noticed her abs and how she moves them-I was like :O!!!
18.05.2013 07:41:55
she is lovely but dances too hard!! too aggressive!!!
29.12.2011 12:59:53
@AllyseFrancis No. She gained weight. Look at her face, it's rounder and more chubby than before. She has a belly now, before she was actually more toned. Look at her performances for Shik Shak Shok at the Ukranian festival.
Alyne Lynlyn
17.08.2011 00:15:50
She had plastic surgery?
she looks horrible.
She had a face of a baby so cute.
But still my inspiration, and the best belly dancer.
21.12.2011 23:17:14
Matias hazrum - Aam Bemshi ♥ amazing !! gooo matias, argentina love you.
04.12.2011 13:07:28
I think she gained weight because she looks a little chubby, this is just my personal opinion.
aishah abdelnoor
19.05.2013 08:24:15
Umm dont talk to "deidre" that is LISA CHACHI's fake account! I was trying to contact you by inbox! this person is after you! this person is trolling pages she THINKS Im interested in! this person is a troll!
02.08.2013 06:00:44
Pretty girl but soooo aggressive !!!! Looks like exorcism!
16.04.2013 17:08:19
I totally agree, she is still femininity impersonated!
16.04.2013 15:32:57
haha :D
Meri Tarducci
08.07.2012 03:30:08